CNB Gallery | UEL Fine Art Degree Show Auction

UEL Fine Art Degree Show Auction

  • 27 Apr

  • CNB Gallery

Fools Gold

Exhibition dates: Tuesday 28th April – Thursday 30th April

Auction: Thursday 30th April 6 – 9 30pm

This Thursday is the UEL Fine Art Degree Show Auction at CNB Gallery! We’re really excited to be hosting this annual event and helping the University of East London raise money for their degree show.

The saying Fool’s Gold starts with a brassy yellow coloured mineral called iron pyrite. This mineral is what gold miners and explorers would often mistake for gold. Believing they had hit the jackpot with this find, the mineral was soon nicknamed Fool’s Gold because of the many occasions it was mistaken for gold. The theme Fool’s Gold allows the artists to explore many sub themes such as trickery, disguise and illusion.

The purpose of this exhibition is to sell the art works at auction to raise funds for the University of East London’s Fine Art Degree Show. The Degree show will be held at Docklands Campus of the University on 21st May 2015. A collective of emerging and established artists with connections to the university have donated a range art works. You will find paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures from artist such as Richard Wilson, Fiona Banner, Marcia Farquhar, Alexis Harding and Matt Calderwood. This auction is the perfect place to start or add to a personal art collection.

For the duration of the exhibition visitors can leave their reserve bids with the gallery staff before the auction. This year our guest auctioneer Richard Strange will be opening the exhibition at 6.00pm on Thursday 30th April.

Bring your wallets, it’s gonna be a blast!